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Mohanik is a Rock band with deep sounds and connections from their motherland Mongolia, formed in 2004 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Current members Davaajargal, Enerelt and Tsogt were classmates in middle school and formed the band to enter their school talent show. Although the band was formed in 2004, they started writing their material by 2007. The band believes their second album “Mohanik at Amarbayasgalant” is a reflection of the growth, changes, development, and maturity of the members individually and as a band. Mohanik describes the meaning of their band name as: “It is a given name, and has no direct meaning, but our music, lyrics, the feeling, and the emotions you get from our music represent the name”. Mohanik finished two studio albums so far, the latest being “Mohanik at Amarbayasgalant” which was recorded outdoors live at a 300-year-old monastery in northern Mongolia. As part of their latest album work, the band worked with American Producer Lauren Knapp and released in 2015 "Live from UB" documentary about Mongolian Music Scene, follows Mohanik through their journey to find their melodies, sounds, and noises.